Stand Tall And Dream Big Slimming Food Meal Diary - 8 Week Journal

Stand Tall And Dream Big Slimming Food Meal Planner

Time to track your food intake so you can monitor your progress?
We all have good and bad days but logging down your daily food intake is a very important way to helping motivate yourself to continue. It allows you to look back on days where you did great to remind yourself what you ate that day. It also allows you to track your total weight loss up to date. This meal diary planner is ideal Slimming members and other dieters.

ALL of our planners are designed for an 8 week period and include;

  • My Journey Begins Now - Weigh in page
  • My 8 Week Calendar
  • My Personal Goals Page
  • My Motivation Page
  • My Weight Loss Chart
  • My Measurement Chart
  • My 8 Week Fitness Tracker
  • My Evening Meal Plans
  • My Weight Loss Love Heart Jar
  • My Progress Photos Page
  • My Recipes Page
  • My Shopping List Page
  • My Recipe Cards
  • My Mood Tracker
  • My Food & Drink
  • My 7 Day Food Plan (Suggestions)
  • My Favourite Foods
  • My 30 Day Body Challenge
  • My Weeks Reflection
  • My Food Diary (8 Week Duration)
  • Suitable for Slimming Club (Includes A/B Choices and Treat Tracker & Water Intake Chart).
  • Plastic Covers

Our Bling Pen is a great addition to this diary and can be purchased here

    To read our blog about our planners click here this includes images of the inside too.

    Click here to watch a detailed video of our food diaries reviewed.

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    Product Type: Bake Your Own Future Meal Diary Planner
    Brand: The Skinny Caffe
    Gender: Male & Female
    Duration of Planner: 8 Week
    Category: Diet Slimming Detox Weight Management Calorie Counting
    Suitable for: Vegan, Vegetarians, Dieting, Detox, Slimming, Weight Watchers
    Key Benefits: Track your food and water intake, set goals, achieve!

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