Health & Wellbeing Bundle - Thermosyn, Apple Cider Vinegar, Caffeine Tablets, Fibre Tablets

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- Thermosyn 30 Capsules
- Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 500mg (30 Tablets)
- Caffeine Boost Tablets (100 Tablets)
- Fiber Pro Tablets (30 Tablets)
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Fibre Pro Tablets Details.
High Fibre Pro Capsules have been shown to have a beneficial effect on healthy digestive function, "bowel regularity and cholesterol levels when taken as part of a low-fat diet.

Using High Fibre Pro on a daily basis is perfect for those looking for extra fibre in the diet to help maintain bowel health and regularity.


Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Size 0 Standard White Body and Cap (Colourant titanium dioxide).

Caffeine Boost Details
Caffeine Boost may trigger a range of performance specific benefits including; improved focus, elevated alertness, faster reaction time, reduced fatigue, increased endurance and elevated mood. Caffeine Boost works by changing the chemistry of the brain. It blocks the action of a natural brain chemical that is associated with sleep.

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Apple Cider Vinegar Details
Apple Cider Vinegar is known for boasting lots of helpful benefits. Now we bring its traditional goodness to you in quick release tablet. With 500mg of Apple Cider Vinegar per tablet you are able to gain all the benefits by simply consuming 1-2 capsules per day. Assure a high standard of quality as always and guarantee this product is free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Click here to read our informative blog about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and why you should consider using this supplement.
Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules have become increasingly popular because of their weight loss support properties, thanks to the levels of pectins present in each capsule. Pectins are thought to help maintain normal cholesterol levels, which in turn can help with weight management and blood pressure. By adding Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules to your diet, you may be able to help support natural weight loss in combination with a healthy balanced diet. Due to popular demand by our loyal customers we have now happily added this to our product offering.   

Inactive Ingredients

Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous, Magnesium Stearate.   


Typical Values Per Tablet 

Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg


Food Supplement. 
Store in a cool dry place. 
Keep out of the reach of children.  
Always seal after use. 
Do not take if you have a known medical condition. 
Always consult a medical professional if unsure about suitability. 
Discontinue immediately  if sleeplessness or nausea occur. 


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, the statement contained on this label does not imply that this product has any medicinal properties or use, if you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions always consult your doctor, pharmacist or health care professional before taking vitamins or supplements.  


Key Benefits Include
Helps weight loss.
Regulates blood sugar levels.
Reduces blood pressure.
Lowers Cholesterol.
Improves Skin Health.
Relieves Acid Reflux Symptoms.

Direction for use

We recommend taking 2 capsules per day. However, if you prefer use 1 per day.

Great Price Guaranteed
Our variation of 1, 2 or 3 packs enables you to chose the most cost effective way to purchase The Skinny Caffe Apple Cider Tablets. Buy separately buy clicking here

Thermosyn Product Details

Thermosyn Capsules are a combination of the strongest most effective weight-loss and energy ingredients available on the market today. Thermosyn dramatically improve the rate in which body fat is burnt as well as providing a huge increase in explosive energy levels. They provide remarkable results in combination with a healthy balanced diet.

Glucomannan contributes to a reduction in body weight and in the context of an energy restricted diet contributes to weight loss.

How to use

To support weight loss
Take 1 capsule 2 times a day 4 to 6 hours apart.

For Energy/Pre Workout
Take 2 capsules 45 minutes prior to workout.

Workout is not essential for use of this product.

Typical Values                                  Per Capsule    NRV%

Glucomannan*                                         100mg
Caffeine                                                83.34mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine                                     50mg
L-Tyrosine                                                  50mg
Raspberry Fruit Extract                           500mg
Green Coffee Bean                                1000mg
African Mango                                         250mg
Capsicum                                                100mg
Bladderwrack Extract                              175mg
Standardised to contain 1% Iodine         50mcg
Chromium as Picolinate                      66.67mcg      166.67%

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Values

Inactive Ingredients
Colourants Titanium Dioxide E171 Yellow Iron Oxide E172, Red Iron Oxide E172, Azorubine E122" (Gelatine Capsule Microcrystalline Cellulose) Magnesium Stearate.

This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease the statement contained on this label does not imply that this product has any medicinal properties or use if you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions always consult your doctor pharmacist or health care professional before taking vitamins or supplements. 

Food Supplement.
Store in a cool dry place.Keep out of the reach of children.
Always seal after use. 
Do not take if you have a known medical condition. Always consult a medical professional if unsure about suitability.
Discontinue immediately if sleeplessness or nausea occur.

For allergens see ingredients in bold. 
May also contain nuts, gluten, egg, soya and peanuts.

To learn more about Thermosyn read our blog here

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More information about us!
Here at The Skinny Caffe our products are recommended for those looking to lose weight, fast and naturally. The programs are delicious and effectively designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat, increase energy levels throughout the day and suppress your appetite.

The formulas only ever contain natural, premium ingredients ethically sourced and selected for their amazing benefits. Our professional team have worked and continue to work around the clock to provide you with the best products for quick, fast and effective weight loss in the tastiest instant drink that is possible. Whether you are into fitness, wellbeing, slimming or dieting or want to partake on a detox we are confident you will be satisfied with our products and we are proud to say we have a very high customer retention rate and sell products globally in over 145+ countries. Don’t forget we have Skinny Coffee, Skinny Tea and Skinny Hot Chocolate and a wide range of Slimming Low Calorie Snacks, Pancakes and Zero Calorie Syrups to keep your taste buds satisfied.

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We use all natural and safe ingredients.

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Product Type: Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 500mg
Flavour: Apple Cider
Brand: The Skinny Caffe
Gender: Male & Female
Servings: 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 day servings
Category: Diet Slimming Detox Weight Management weight loss capsules
Suitable for: Dieting, Detox
Key Benefits: cheap, great value, good price, best price
Extra information: improving weight loss, dropping bood pressure and cholesterol levels, stabilising blood sugar, enhancing skin health and relieving acid reflux symptoms

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