COFFEE NINJA (Workout Fuel) 1 Month - Superfood Blend



We also cater for guys too, we know how great coffee is for a pre workout fuel and to get you into the right frame of mind to train. Well - this is for you! The hard working gym-goer.
P.S - All you need is hot water and a mug/flask! No filtering,pressing required! Ours is INSTANT!

Our Coffee Ninja has 30 tasty servings and is the perfect pre workout fuel you need. Coffee Ninja will transform the way in which you train!

And you don't have to worry whats inside. The all natural organic coffee and superfood ingredients have been hand picked and blended to bring you the healthiest most effective pre workout coffee around.  

Guide: Drink one cup prior to each workout - and let the pre-workout coffee give you the kick you need!

Skinny Caffe Tip! Our coffee is already delicious, but we suggest that our drinkers add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter and a milk alternative such as unsweetened almond milk if necessary. 

Roasted coffee
Coconut milk powder
Un roasted ground green coffee
Acai berry
Goji berry
Juniper berry
Garcinia cambogia
L carnitine
Raspberry ketones powder

*Disclaimer: Every body is individual so results may vary.

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