Weight Watchers Diet Review

What is Weight Watchers? How does it work? What results can you expect?


We wanted to speak to some of our customers who are following the plan and see what they think and feel about Weight Watchers and why they would/wouldn't recommend it and exactly how it works!
As you may know Weight Watchers is very popular across the globe and in particular the UK and USA. Weight Watchers have also launched food products that can be found in shops and supermarkets which is not only a great way to market themselves but also a great way for people on plan to use their products ready made!

Weight Watcher

Keelie Hayler  (Above) has kindly put together an informative blog below which will help answer some of the all important questions.

So what is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a great plan for those wanting to lose extra pounds of weight and not have any restrictions. It really is a lifestyle change rather than a ‘Diet’ and can be incorporated into your everyday life. As a 5-year member of weightwatchers I’ve had my slip ups and my successes and below I’ll tell you a bit more about how Weight Watchers works and its new WW flex plan that will keep you motivated and inspired!


On Weightwatchers food have a ‘smartpoint’ value. Different foods will contain different smartpoints depending on the foods calories, fibre, carbohydrates, sugar content and most importantly protein. On the new WW flex plan many items are zero smartpoints which includes most fruit and veggies, beans and pulses, most fish and turkey and chicken breast. This allows you to bulk up on these items whilst having a low smartpoint meal. My favourite part about the new flex plan is that you can have healthy high in protein meals but without the point value!

 Things to note down..

When signing up to Weight Watchers your smart point allowance will be based upon your age, height, gender and weight. With 23 smart points a day being the lowest value. These smart points can be used HOWEVER you like during your day, whether you eat them throughout the day or save them for an indulgent meal in the evening. With the new plan you are now allowed to rollover up to 4 smartpoints a day and save them up for a really special event or an unplanned dinner out!

Weight Watchers Review and Transformation

As well as your daily smartpoint allowance, you get weeklies too. These are dependent on your height, weight and age also and can be used on exactly what you like. You may choose to save them up if you have plans at the weekend or you could even spread them out during the week to allow yourself more smart points each day. They are there to be used and enables you to be as flexible as you like.  


How do you join Weight Watchers?  

Upon joining Weight Watchers, you have the option for an online membership, weekly meetings or online + meetings. all options allow 24/7 support with a built in chat on the WW app for online members or group support in your weekly meetings. During weekly meetings you’ll get access to exclusive Weight Watchers products which can be purchased at the meetings and have a real sense of community whilst attending with other members where you can share recipes and hints + tips. Whether you chose to join online only, you’ll have 24-hour access to support online with 100s of recipes to choose from and a handy barcode scanner on your mobile app which allows you to see the smartpoint value of foods whilst out and about shopping.

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Would you recommend Weight Watchers? And Why?

I absolutely LOVE the Weight Watchers plan as I find it so flexible and it really fits into my lifestyle well. My favourite is my Saturday morning brunches, which include avocado and poached eggs (which are 0sp!). I love to pack my dinners with beans and pulses which are 0sp on the WW flex plan to really get in my protein and fill me up!

The Skinny Caffe Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers plan is for all ages and is so flexible that it will suit any lifestyle. Whilst following the plan I have lost over 3 stone and I’m finally feeling confident in my body and absolutely loving the way I look! I love to incorporate exercise into my weekly routine where I can earn FitPoints which can either be saved up for a bigger weight loss or eaten if you fancy something a little bit extra at the end of the day. I’m always going to be a weightwatchers girl and highly recommend it, if you wanted to lose some weight and not feel limited in what you can eat – nothing is off limits!

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