Now you can subscribe to The Skinny Caffe programs.

This means you will receive the on a recurring basis so you don't have to keep visiting our site and re-ordering. 

Our subscription process is very popular and we always try to listen to feedback to improve this service as much as possible.

The subscription plan to our Services consist of an initial charge and then followed by recurring period charges as agreed to by you. By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. may submit periodic charges (e.g., monthly) without further authorization from you, until you provide prior notice that you have terminated this authorization or wish to change your payment method. Such notice will not affect charges submitted before reasonably could act. 

When you subscribe you receive extra discount which is only valid on subscriptions.

By entering into the subscription contract you agree to the terms below:
- We charge you and resend the product every 20-25 days.

- You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which you purchase. Cancellation can then only be made after a 6 month period from the initial purchase date.. 
If cancellation is made within 14 days the goods needs to be returned unused and unopened and at your own cost to us.

- The customer is responsible for ensuring the shipping address is correct

- The customer is responsible for editing details in their subscription account or to contact us at least 5 working days before your order is due to make any changes.
- You have the right to cancel your own subscription at any time you wish (after the non-cancellation period), The non-cancellation period is the first 6 month from your initial purchase date. If you would like to cancel email at least 7 working days before your next dispatch and this will be done immediately. If you contact us and cancel any time 7 working days before your next order is due this will then be effective for the following order. 
- You are entitled to the discount at the point of when you signed up to the subscription service. Recurring orders will be up to 25% off the RRP. This will be displayed on the product page before subscription is complete.

- Any discount codes used on the subscription are valid for ONE purchase only. The subscription charge then applies for future deliveries.

- If you request to change your subscription to a different product this is done at our discretion and we would need at least 7 working days before your next order is due. Also, please be aware that the price of the new product will be 25% off the RRP of the product. For example, If you change from Skinny Coffee to Skinny Tea the price will therefore increase. 

By subscribing to programs you are agreeing to pay recurring periodic subscriptions for an indefinite time until cancelled by you or us, on the subscription terms set out in the application form you have completed. You can cancel your subscription at any time after the non-cancellation period. You will not be charged for any cancellation. You can re-subscribe at any time following your cancellation, but we reserve the right not to permit re-subscription where we have previously elected to terminate a subscription by you.

Customer accounts are optional however, we suggest you create an account if you are a subscriber. This means you can update your card details and amend addresses. To create an account use the email address in which you placed the subscription order with and click here: Create Customer Account. 
If you already have an account and want to access it click here: Access my account.

To cancel your subscription, for whatever motive, please contact us through the Contact form. For the termination of the subscription to be complete and acknowledged by us you will receive a 'confirmation of cancellation' email, this email serves as the final proof of your desire to cancel your subscription contract with us and this action has been carried out by us, TheSkinnyCaffe.