Skinny Coffee Review - Does it really work?

Skinny Coffee Review - What is it and does it work?

Skinny Coffee is a weight loss product created by The Skinny Caffe and is a 30 day program which is effective and tastes great. The ingredients are; Roasted coffee, Coconut milk powder, Un roasted ground green coffee, Acai berry, Goji berry, Juniper berry, Garcinia cambogia, L carnitine, Raspberry ketones powder the program is instant and therefore you just need hot water and to make the drink just pour hot water into a cup with the powder and stir. 

The Skinny Caffe have created different flavours of the Skinny Coffee and you can enjoy Original, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Amaretto, Gingerbread and more.

The program aims to help with the following factors;

- Boost Metabolism
- Aids Weight Loss
- Reduces Bloating
- Burns Fat
- Increases Energy Levels
- Allows you to train for longer

Kirsty Lost 5 Stone Drinking Skinny Coffee

Lots of people have saw incredible results such as Kirsty who used this product as part of her 5 stone weight loss journey.
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Skinny Coffee Review