Skinny Coffee Club vs The Skinny Caffe - What is the difference?

What is the difference between The Skinny Caffe and Skinny Coffee Club?

The Skinny Caffe vs Skinny Coffee Club

They are both completely different companies, however, the thing that makes them similar is they both offer Weight Loss Programs in particular - Skinny Coffee.

What is the difference between The Skinny Caffe's Skinny Coffee or Skinny Coffee Clubs?

The Skinny Caffe Skinny Coffee;

- Instant - No need to filter press or use a cafetiere.

- More for your money, The Skinny Caffe Skinny Coffee is a 30 day supply.

- Flavoured Coffee - The Skinny Caffe offer flavoured versions such as; Vanilla Skinny Coffee, Salted Caramel Skinny Coffee, Amaretto Skinny Coffee, Gingerbread Skinny Coffee and much more.

Skinny Coffee Club;

- Brew the coffee using a filter/cafetiere 

- 28 Day Supply

- The website only sells Coffee products whereas The Skinny Caffe also offers Weight Loss Capsules, Skinny Hot Chocolate and Skinny Tea programs and other products such as Skinny Low Calorie Pancakes and Zero Calorie Skinny Syrups.

Things to remember!

SCC - Skinny Coffee Club

Instant - NO 

Flavoured Options NO 

Skinny Tea NO 

30 Days NO 

Skinny Snacks Available NO 

Skinny Syrups Available NO 

Require Press YES 

Cafeteria Required YES 

Filter Required YES 

28 Days YES 

TSC - The Skinny Caffe

Instant YES

Flavoured Options YES

Skinny Tea YES

30 Days YES

Skinny Snacks Available YES

Skinny Syrups Available YES

Require Press NO

Cafeteria Required NO

Filter Required NO

28 Days NO