How I lost 76lbs in 8 months.

Kirsty Lost 76lbs in 8 months drinking Skinny Coffee and Skinny Tea.

Kirsty first started her weight-loss journey due to feeling low in confidence and self-esteem. Kirsty recalls comparing her body to her friends and random people and feeling embarrassed. It was when Kirsty attempted a charity 'race for life' event she realised how unfit she was and was determined to do something about it.

Before this Kirsty was very much a yo-yo dieter and struggled to sustain eating healthy or exercising regularly. 

Due to Kirsty's dislike for exercising and having low energy levels she began looking for a product that could help aid weight-loss and boost energy levels.

Kirsty lost weight fast

* Everybody is different so results can vary.
Kirsty puts her results down to many different factors such as;
- The Skinny Caffe drinks helping boost energy levels.
- With increased energy levels she was able to follow our Training Guide.
- Structuring her meals better following our Nutrition Guide.
- Regular exercise
- Cutting out snacking 
- Setting targets 
- Persistence - Continuing following her routine until she reached the final target.

“The weight was dropping off, every week I was loosing between 3-5lbs and it felt amazing.”
Skinny Coffee for weight loss diet coffee slimming coffee

"I was really embarrassed that I was so unfit when I entered a charity fund raising event 'Race for Life' I realised I needed to change my lifestyle and start exercising to get fit and eating properly to lose weight"

Kirsty found The Skinny Caffe and gave the Skinny Coffee & Skinny Tea 1 month program a trial. 

"I remember seeing people on Instagram talking about Skinny Coffee and Skinny Tea and I decided to give it a go. I was really impressed with the taste and quality of the products and immediately noticed an increase in energy levels. My cravings for sweet treats became less apparent and most of all I was noticing I was losing weight. Because I had more energy and motivation as I could see results it enabled me to stick to the plan and I became obsessed with weighing myself each week as there were noticeable results. The free Training and Nutrition guide that The Skinny Caffe provided allowed me to follow a routine and try some of the fun exercise routines and meal plans. I am so happy I found this company and would recommend the products to anybody that can relate to my story"

Skinny Tea helps boost weight loss results

We applaud Kirsty's dramatic weight loss results over the period of 8 months. We are also very happy to hear our product and training and nutrition guide was what gave Kirsty the motivation to continue and get the results she really wanted.
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