How to make an Iced Skinny Coffee - Recipe

How to make an Iced Skinny Coffee - Recipe

May 31, 2017

Iced Skinny Coffee Recipe

The weather has certainly arrived! Oh yeah….


How to make a skinny iced coffee recipe

Is it Skinny Coffee O’clock? …Well, why not try our Iced cool Skinny Caffe Coffee, which is so easy to make and perfect for anyone who enjoys coffee and is in need of an iced cool fix.

With the weight loss and detox ingredients in Skinny Caffe Coffee you’re not only enjoying an iced cool coffee in the sun, but you’re also benefiting from fat burning too. Bonus!

Remember, however, you may be burning fat in the sun but DON’T BURN that beautiful body…keep well topped up with sun block and wear a hat!

Make yours today & enjoy Iced Skinny Coffee in the Sun or indeed in doors - it tastes just as good ;)

How to make the perfect Iced Skinny Coffee

    •    Add x1 Teaspoon (approx 3g) of Skinny Caffe Coffee to a cup/mug
    •    Fill half way with boiled water
    •    Add Milk/sweetener to taste (add what you'd add to a normal mug of coffee)
    •    Place x5/6 cubes of ice into a blender
    •    Pour coffee into blender of ice & blend away (place lid on blender first though!)
    •    Decant into glass (firstly place glass in the freezer for a nice iced touch) and enjoy!

Iced Skinny Coffee Frappe Tip
If you prefer a frappe based coffee simply add slightly more ice but less hot water and enjoy your coffee with a spoon!

Oh, yum….. I’m off to make one, my taste buds are tingling!! :) Hope you all enjoy the sun and our Iced Skinny Coffee xx

Watch this space for the next recipe

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How to make a skinny iced coffee recipe