Danielle French Guest Blog - My Skinny Caffe Routine

Danielle French Guest Blog - My Skinny Caffe Routine

July 06, 2017


Danielle is a loyal customer and supporter of The Skinny Caffe brand and lives and breathes the brand and products and has put together a short blog below to inform you of her personal routine using the products. Danielle is a great lady to listen to for motivational weight loss results as she has lost over 5 stone and not only transformed her life but also her body! We love her journey and find it very motivating and inspirational and this is why we asked Danielle to be a guest blogger for us. We get asked all the time 'What is the best routine for Skinny Caffe?' Let Danielle teach you hers! See below for more info..

"I have been using The skinny Caffe products for about 4 months now and absolutely love them. I get asked a ton of times why I love The Skinny Caffe products so much & there are so many reasons why.

Like the Slimming World plan, The skinny Caffe products are now part of my everyday routine to maintain my weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I honestly couldn't go without my daily Skinny Tea and Skinny Coffee every day. I even take it on holiday with me!!

Danielle French The Skinny Caffe


First of all I LOVE the taste of all of their Skinny Tea, Skinny Coffee & Skinny Hot Chocolate products.

I get asked a lot how many cups I have a day and if I drink both the Skinny Tea & Skinny Coffee product each day. The answer is yes. I love having both the Skinny Tea and Skinny Coffee every day as I find they both really help to reduce my bloating, gives my metabolism a boost and makes me feel nice and energised.  Drinking both the Skinny Tea and Skinny Coffee every day also stops me snacking which helps with my losses.

So what is my Skinny Caffe daily routine?

I usually start my day with a Strawberry and Pineapple Skinny Day Time Tea with my breakfast. I just pop the tea bag in my mug, add boiling water & leave it to infuse for a few minutes. It tastes so nice!


The Skinny Caffe Skinny Tea

I will then have a Skinny Coffee late morning at work to give me the boost I need. I just add a heaped tea spoon of the coffee in to my mug and add boiling water. I love my Skinny Coffee black but it can also be enjoyed with a dash of milk, sweetener etc. I will usually have another Skinny Coffee (normal flavour or the amazing NEW French Vanilla Skinny Coffee) early afternoon at work too.

The Skinny Caffe Skinny Coffee 30 day program


I will usually finish every other evening with the Cocoa and Vanilla Bedtime Skinny Tea. On the evenings I don't have the bedtime tea I will enjoy a guilt free Skinny Hot Chocolate.

To make the Bed Time Skinny Tea I just pop the tea bag in my mug, add boiling water and leave to infuse for a few minutes.

To make the Skinny Hot Chocolate I add a heaped tea spoon of the hot chocolate to my mug. I fill it with boiling water and then add a dash of almond milk.

The Skinny Tea Bedtime Tea Vanilla & Cocoa flavour


The Skinny Caffe Skinny Hot Chocolate

I am loving all the new flavours being developed and excited to see what is to come from The Skinny Caffe 😁"

Danielle is on Instagram and you should follow her inspirational journey and take some tips if you are needing some motivation on your journey.
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